3DEN's turnkey technology platform helps hotel operators maximize available or underutilized rooms, and spaces, providing a technology solution that generates incremental revenue and draws people back to hotels.

Set your price and control your inventory.

The 3DENGo platform is an end to end space management and fractional membership platform, allowing you to monetise vacant rooms for guests to work from or relax for the day, or by the hour.

The 3DENGo platform empowers you to easily plug in an hourly, or daily offering so you can generate incremental revenue, drive customers back to your hotel, or get creative and setup a membership club in a part of your hotel, such as a rooftop.


Transform rooms into work space by the hour or day. Setup membership programs for repeat visits.


No installation. Our platform doesn't require any hardware except for tablets.


Be part of a growing network of locations allowing consumers to utilise hotels as work spaces and benefits from increased visibility.

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