A growing network

3DEN has spaces to work, spaces to chill, spaces to freshen up and spaces that offer all three. From full lounges, resident and office amenity spaces to premier hotel room day stays, 3DEN has a space for all of your needs.

Our spaces have differing amenities; phone booths, conference rooms, showers, nap pods and much more. There's a space for any of your needs.

You can pay hourly from $5 per hour, or get monthly a monthly membership for as little as $99 per month with no contracts or sign-up fees.


How it works.

Find a place you need.

Download the app from App Store or Google Play to setup your account.

Whether you need a place to chill, a place to work or a place for a little of both.  From hotel day stays to lounges to private offices the app is your key.

Create an account.

Each 3DEN location may have different amenities. Use the app to find the type of space you need.

Simply create an account and you’ve got access to a growing number of locations- with monthly memberships and pay as you use options available.

Check in, do your thing.

Many of our locations are fully automated and all you need is the app.

Reserve amenities, see how busy a space is in real time, touch-less check-in and out, account management and much more. The 3DEN app is your remote control.

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and local business.

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