3DEN's turnkey technology and rapid design development helps landlords maximize available or underutilized real estate, providing a solution that increases overall PPSQFT while allowing for additional revenue streams beyond the boundaries of the building.

A new model for landlords and residents.

3DEN is not foosball tables and craft beer, but usable amenities that make the workspace an environment    equipped with features that bridge work and home. Office 'right sizing' in a new world doesn't have to mean lower occupancy rates and decreased PPSQFT. The 3DEN model empowers landlords and corporations to easily transform space, or spaces, into a technology grounded network of locations for both productivity and peace.

Retail Solutions

Transform ground floor storefronts into host controlled or even human less operated lounges with 3DEN technology.

Residential Solutions

Create custom amenity lounges and workspaces for both residents and non residents (if desired) to drive price per square foot.

Commercial Solutions

Design hybrid offices or health and wellness lounges, or both, manage capacity, while getting full admin controls and usage data.

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