We're building a network of urban worklounges, powered by technology, managed by 3DEN. We help landlords and tenants monetize vacant and excess space.


3DEN's turnkey technology and rapid design development helps landlords maximize available or underutilized real estate, providing a solution that increases overall PPSQFT while allowing for additional revenue streams beyond the boundaries of the building.


Using our world class, end to end, technology platform, you can generate additional revenue or manage any type of space.


Whether you are using 3DEN or Powered by 3DEN, we provide a singular, well known brand, that helps build trust and confidence.


Instead of leases, we engage as the manager and the operator of your space, keeping you in control and hedging against lease instability.

Our Proprietary Technology Platform

We built our platform, nicknamed 'EVE', from the ground up. An end to end space management and membership platform, encompassing the consumer, the space manager and space setup. Our platform helps drive operational and consumer efficiencies, as well as providing a vast treasure trove of insights and data.

Consumer App
  • Touchless check-in and out.
  • Sign-up for membership or pay by time
  • Amenity reservations and waitlists
Manager App
  • Touchless check-in and out for guests
  • Real Capacity controls
  • Reservation management
Admin Portal
  • Set-up new spaces in minutes
  • Manage membership and
    pricing types
  • Manage visits and data feeds
    and sources

Multiple Asset Classes

3DEN's flexibile approach to space allows us to work with all types of real estate.


Transform ground floor storefronts into host controlled or even humanless operated worklounges using 3DEN technology.


Create custom amenity lounges and workspaces for both residents and non residents (if desired) to drive price per square foot.


Design hybrid offices or health and wellness lounges, or both, manage capacity, while getting full admin controls and usage data.

Landlord / Tenant Benefits

Whether just using our technology platform, or a full managed solution, we offer a plethora of benefits:

Monetize Vacant Space

Monetize vacant or excess space that would typically sit on the market for years,
whether as vacancy or as a sublet or generate revenue from common areas
that would typically not generate revenue.


Flexibility across all facets of the business. Choose a technology only 'Powered by 3DEN' solution or a fully managed solution. We will work with all types and sizes of space, as well as within any budget range that you choose.


Our technology platform allow us to share 1000's of different data points and insights with you. Who's coming in? How long are they staying? Historical trends, and much more.

Why 3DEN?

World Class

Unlike other groups, technology has always been one of our core pillars. Our tried and tested platform provides all the modularity needed for a smooth operation.


We've built and run several spaces. We understand all the nuances. Our experience allows us to drive efficiencies from the consumer experience to the operational processes.


Our vision is to create an unprecedented network of spaces. More spaces, and a singular unified brand, equals greater consumer recongnition and in turn higher utility and revenue.


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